As with fashion, web design keeps changing the following new trends and leaving old trends behind. When you want to create a website that will make a professional impression, you will certainly always follow well to keep everything up to date and follow trends. Indeed, most people will see content as the main thing, but still, people will see the first time you visit your site, which is the design, so make an interesting first impression. Find the latest information about professional “LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix” web design.


Create your site with a clean and elegant design, don’t place too many ads, banners, icons, badges, pop-ups, buttons, etc., besides it makes it heavy, it will also make your site look chaotic. Make a site that makes your visitors comfortable and not stressed when visiting your site because the site looks messy. Use a flat or flat site design, and dominated by white. Try to keep your site looking simple or even minimal by specifically highlighting important content or information.


If you are currently reading this article, of course, you have got the right tips as your guide in building a professional site. But still you have to look for web design references from various sources, or you can see famous sites to help you find ideas in web designing later. See how well-known sites are built and designed, how they manage content, what colors they use for their sites, etc.


Choosing a font is very important. Because text is your way of presenting information to your visitors. Imagine if you use a bad font for your site, visitors will find it difficult to read and also the eyes of the reader will easily get tired.

Make sure the font you use is easy to read and the font color you use feels right with the background color you are using. For example: Using gray text with a white background will make your site visitors feel dizzy when reading it or getting your visitors out of your site directly. So make sure you check all your text is really easy to read.

Furthermore, the important thing is not to use a small font size, where your visitors have difficulty reading. Make sure your readers don’t need to zoom just to read the information you want to convey on your site. Make everything clear but not excessive.


Navigation or menus in web design must be placed in the right position and work well, placing the right menu will make it easier for visitors to explore the site easily, and also direct the menu to the content or purpose of information that is really important. Do not be too wasteful in using the menu for unnecessary purposes, besides it will look chaotic, it will also damage your web design.


Nowadays web design has all changed when smartphones and tablets are evenly shared by all people, and the ease of internet access via mobile has also been obtained at this time, then building your site responsively can adjust when accessed on various devices such as smartphones and tablets are mandatory. Because it will really make your visitors feel comfortable when accessing your site. Not only that, from the current SEO side, Google prioritizes sites that are already mobile friendly.


The use of images or photos on the site is something that you should also prioritize, use images of a size that fits your site and also with good quality but not heavy, even though your web design is simple if supported with good and appropriate images will produce a web which looks attractive and elegant.

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