When we think of homes by the sea, we tend to think of relaxation, vacation properties, and of course, we mostly think of them as immovable homes. “Last Resort”, a new floating home design, will make you not only think of science fiction; but from a luxury resort that lives and a nice sweet home. This very futuristic stylish house has a fully functional and very practical design that won the recent competition; which secures designer funds to bring a quick start to making this solar-powered floating home.

Last Resort

They call their home design “Last Resort” and have full hopes to start making these houses before the end of 2019. This is all thanks to the fresh and innovative thinking of RAFFA Architectures & Designs. The competition they won; proposed by the Bauausstellung Internationale in Germany, will allow the funding needed to start building this floating house. They are designed to be fully sustainable and are designed to be 5 meters by 15 meters. These Last Resort houses will soon provide several choices of places to stay by the sea that is very modern, comfortable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

The Last Resort has a simple entrance design to the house, through a covered patio area; from which you can enter directly into the house or go up the stairs to the roof. The roof serves as a relaxing area where you can sit back, sunbathe in the sun, and enjoy the watery views. Also located on the roof, you will find 2 complete sets of solar panels designed to produce all the renewable energy needed to power a home and drive two electric motors.

The design

It is sleek and stylish with an interior consisting of 2 bedrooms; each with 2 beds and a sliding door for privacy; along with the kitchen, living room and bathroom. The kitchen and living room form an open and spacious area. The modern design has a bathroom that separates the shared living room from the bedroom area. Large interior windows have vertical blinds that offer the dual purpose of sun protection and privacy.

The plan shows a lower level offering an extra bed with 2 beds, hatches, and an area to accommodate mechanical parts and motors; machine room. This house is formed naturally with an oblique design of curves and curves.

Although it has not yet been stated what the prices of these houses are, orders for these houses have all been reported, and they are scheduled to begin construction for these orders before the end of this year. Likely, you will soon see these houses floating along the waters with many happy families on board.

Their sophisticated technology design has attracted tremendous interest and excitement on the environmentally friendly “Green Front”. Their Solar Tower design requires spectacular solar-powered waterfalls and elegantly designed towers; which is expected to be the venue for the 2019 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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