The Challenges & Rewards of Creating a Green Product – Case Study

One of the best ways to promote alternative energy, protection of our environment, or social good is to create products that are a true representation of the message, and that people can readily identify with and find useful. Literally branding their belief system and helping them to express those beliefs.

Following is my experience in attempting to create a perfect green product to accomplish the above idea. It is a case study in determination and over-coming challenges resulting in a rewarding and life-changing journey, and hopefully a good product that promotes good.

It all started after watching the documentary “Go Further” with Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie. There was some point in time following in which I decided that I was going to become really involved in the green movement, just like they were hoping to inspire. My desire was to form a company that would create the “greenest” t-shirt possible that was stylish, had light-hearted yet thought-provoking messages and was affordable. That was the unrelenting determination.

The major challenge would be building a supply chain of people truly committed to sustainable practices with competitive pricing. After a few years of research and much trial and error, an amazing group developed that exceeded expectations. These are people truly dedicated to making a difference; breaking down the barriers that many choose to avoid. And then there were the every day challenges that we all experience.

The immediate reward is the launch of an on-line store with the perfect green t-shirt for males, females and babes; green message vinyl stickers packs; recycled wrapping paper and note cards for sending items as gifts and free designer packaging tape that makes any ordinary package extraordinary. The on-going reward however, will be people promoting eco-messages every time they wear their shirt or their sticker is seen.

Anyone who has felt the organic cotton and recycled thread t-shirts is amazed by the vintage soft feel. They’re also surprised by the hip styling and cool colors found in nature. Most expect a stiff shirt in the traditional natural color and believe they’ll be paying a significant premium for green products – both just aren’t the case anymore.

Bringing another sustainable product to life by collaborating with other like-minded businesses is

the life-changing journey. If successful, these products will help sustain their businesses, thus allowing for a greater push for earth-friendly goods. The shirts and stickers also provide an alternative for many wanting to do more to support other humans and our planet. I hope my motivation to create a sustainable product will encourage someone who might like to do the same.

“The utility one feels from wearing something made without harming humans or our environment is un-measurable. Just try it.”