Online Sales – Late Deliveries at 25%

Online Sales - Late Deliveries at 25%

Market Research Company Toluna have found that 25 % of clients who placed orders online before Christmas received their goods late. Out of the 2010 those who took part in the survey over 70% said that they’d purchased goods online inside increase to Christmas. Of these an incredible 27% of respondents asserted that they had received their goods late.

Online retailers coming from all types of products were faced with an arduous set of circumstances. The usual surge in demand inside the amass to Christmas appeared worse by the snow along with the disruption this cased to the delivery networks. 28% of respondents who had received their goods late asserted they would never buy again from your retailer who had failed them.

The online marketplace is an extremely competitive one. Customers are never more than one click far from a competitors website. Customers anticipate to visit a lot of different goods at affordable prices, to relish an even checkout and may the need arise for this – be met with excellent customer service. One retailer we spoke to fared far better than most and received not many complaints for late delivery. Key to this  success was that messages were displayed prominently across their suite of websites permit customers know after they could expect delivery – with the goal of keeping the customer informed.

the critical for keeping our customers happy is keeping them informed, some delays as a result of bad weather were unavoidable but where delays in excess of every day were predicted we let our customers know

Blogshops Are the Best Way For Great Deals

Blogshops have been around for years. However many are still confused. Some might perceive it as a shop selling blog products, but basically it means an online shop created using blogs.

So what is the different between blogshops and other normal online shops? Are the products different? How are they different?

The reason why blogshops exist is because of the excessive unwanted clothes that the seller is keeping in their closet. Most of the clothes are worn once and instead of throwing them away, the owner decided to sell it away. This way, they can earn some money to buy themselves new clothes for themselves.

It may seem like blogshops are selling only second hand goods, however, not all blogshops sell second hand goods. There are many out there that also sell new products imported from other countries. The goods will be bought directly from the wholesaler and will be shipped to you, regardless which country you are from.

On the other hand, typical online stores are selling products either of their own or others. And some of them also let other sellers or retailers sell on their website, however with a small fee. These sellers or retailers prefer selling their goods on the online stores because of the existing traffic that the online store is receiving every day.

Since they are charged to sell on their website, in order to make up the listing fee, the sellers will mark up the price of the goods. Therefore, the consumer will be paying higher.

Unlike blogshops, the owner of the blog will advertise their own blogs and drive traffic on their own. They do not need to mark up the price so much to profit. Therefore, blogshops are actually cheaper than typical online stores.