How to Plan an Unforgettable Vintage Wedding Planning your wedding is probably one of the most exciting jobs you’ll ever have in your life. From the ceremony all to the reception, you want everything to be perfect, including the entire atmosphere of the occasion. Of course, one of the most popular themes you can choose today is vintage. If you intend to have a vintage wedding, here are handy tips to help you prepare for it: The Style
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By picking a vintage style wedding, note that you need to consider all the various details, like decors, invitations, dress and suit, photography, and so on. Also decide whether to mix reminders of the past and traces of modernity, or if the theme should be vintage all throughout.
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The Importance of Details With each era are certain details that make it memorable, like the 20s and their daring spirit associated with lavish Hollywood parties and elite banquets, where women don low-rise skirts and men wear handsome tuxedos. Forty years later, dresses became more feminine – think Audrey Hepburn in Christian Dior – while the 70s were very disco and extravagant. Pick any era you want, as long as you keep things simple. Your wedding should still be the focus, not the theme. Photography The photography style you pick should also be vintage-inspired. In the 50’s, for example, photography was the happy family portrait, straightforward, colorful and vivid; the 70s had that certain blur and a range of pastel colors, with plenty of sun and life. Speak to your photographer and discuss your choices early on. Venue Definitely, the venue should be in line with the theme as well. If you go with the 50s, a country house with a lush green garden would be great. If you’re more inclined to pick the 20s, look for a mansion that is rented out for special events like weddings, and decorate it in silver and gold shades. Dress and Suit The bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s suit are two of the most essential elements of a vintage wedding. Needless to say, both should reflect the theme that is evident in every other element of the occasion. Brides in the 1950s, for example, wore a knee-length full skirt and a characteristic birdcage veil, while the grooms’ suits had clear inspirations from the New York business man style. The Details Finally, if you want a truly unforgettable vintage wedding, play on the details. Pick music that is characteristic of the period you have selected. Design your invitations so that they look like they’re really from that era. You can even request your guests to wear vintage attire. Just remember to keep things consistent – combining different eras clearly defeats the purpose.

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