When we bought this house it was not really finished, there was an entire full basement where you could roller skate, although it was designed so that the left half of it was a two car garage. The person who was building the house was obviously doing it on his spare time and something had happened to prevent him from finishing it. So we had to do a lot of work to the upper level. Now I am going to work on the basement and so I have started looking at cyber Monday HDTV deals since I want to see just how much I am going to be able to do on my budget. Obviously I am thinking about the entire thing, a place where I could easily have a bunch of my buddies over for Sunday football parties. Ideally you would need a nice pool table, a couple of pinball machines or old arcade games, a bar and obviously the theater style seating in front of a huge TV.

That is not something that is going to happen, or at least all of it can not happen in the immediate future. I found a foosball table at a church yard sale and I have had it down there for a couple of months already. The TV is obviously the big thing you want to have first, along with a second hand refrigerator and perhaps see what a kegerator costs. They sell this thing on Amazon that takes a five liter keg and the price is cheap, but that might not be the big priority obviously. For now I have a lot of other bills to consider and it seems like the basics have to come in the priority for this point in the game. Later on you can get as fancy as you budget allows.

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