Doesn’t it seem like the clothes you love most wear out the fastest? Every time you wear that trophy husband shirt, does it get a little more faded every time? If so, you’ve probably had enough. There must be some way to keep your clothes in good condition. If your clothes are well-made, they can last for decades, but there are ways you can prolong the life of your favorite shirts.

Wear Them Less Often

If you wear the same thing day after day, it’s going to wear out. Fabric will return to its original shape if left alone for a while. The same is true if it has elastic. Your shoes will also look brand new for longer if you let them fully dry. How you treat your clothing affects how long it will last.

Another strategy is to rotate your clothes. You can own fewer shirts and pairs of jeans, but still always look great, and spend less money. Create a schedule for rotating what you wear. It will lessen the demand on delicate materials.

Separate Work and Play

Only wear your work clothes to work. If you wear the same things outside the office, that’s like double duty and your clothes can get old fast. Change into something different the minute you get home. Use has a lot to do with wear, but clothing can look brand new if it’s only worn when needed.

Keep Your Wardrobe Neat and Organized

Experts recommend folding socks. Balling them up in the drawer stretches the elastic. Similarly, fold sweaters and other fabric garments rather than hang them. This will help maintain the shape of anything that is knit. Wire hangers should be avoided at all costs; they’ll rip through silk and cotton, but quality plastic hangers won’t do this to your clothes.

Cleanliness is also a way to keep your clothes looking young. Shake hair and dandruff out of everything, especially wool. This removes what moths and carpet beetles look for, which is possible food and places for their larvae to thrive. Any garment that’s full of dandruff and bugs will certainly not look new.

Laundry Tips

Your clothing will look brand new for longer if you wash it less. Washing machines put a lot of stress on clothes, so try washing them only when they’re dirty. Also, use cold water, air dry clothes, and put them inside out when tossing them in the machine. Taking care of stains quickly will boost the chances of getting them out. Lastly, hand wash or care for your clothes per the care instructions on the label; that is your guide to keeping it looking brand new for longer.

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