For me, my dad’s birthday is Father’s Day apart from the real or official one. Or any day when I see him come home with a victory smile is a father’s day for me. Because I believe that father’s day is nothing but celebrating with dad for what he is and he has done for his children. I love my dad more than anything else in this world because for me he is not only a dad but also a mom who wakes me up at right time and reminds me to take the cough syrup before falling asleep. If you all also love your dad, the following gift options would sound great to you. So, have a quick look at them.

Watch: This one is my personal favorite as a father’s day gift from a daughter. Select a Rado, Tommy Hilfiger, Mont Blanc, or Fossil for your dear dad and make him happy. May be once when you were getting ready for your first day in college, he gifted you a watch. Now, when you are grown up and earning your livelihood, buy a nice watch for him and gift him. He would have a satiated smile on his face because he knows the value of hard-earned money.

Books and bookmarks: Some of the classics, or some new releases can be bought for him along with some lovely hand-made bookmarks. For the bookmarks use some nice quotes on father and make it a funky one. “A daughter may outgrow your lap but will never outgrow your heart”, “My dad has the most awesome daughter in the world” are some of the quotes you can use.

Portable barbeque box: This is a very easy and useful thing that would be loved by your dad for sure. He also loves to hang out with his friends till late night and a portable barbeque box would be of much help. You would easily get that in online shops. So, keep your eyes alert and locate something beneficial like this one.

Set of tie-cufflink-wallet: A smart and cool gift collection would be just like this one where a set of two or three elegant ties are there. Include cufflinks also in this set to complete the canny official look. Now you need only a leather wallet. Keep a family photograph already inside the wallet before presenting him.

Indoor or outdoor plants: If your dad just loves the idea of gardening, plants are the only things that can be thought as gifts for father’s day. An aloevera or a eucalyptus – both would be taken care by your dad because he just loves plants. Get a bonsai for him this time.

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