When my boyfriend asked me if I was ready to meet his parents, I was a bit nervous. As someone who is self-confident most of the time, I suddenly found myself wondering repeatedly about whether his parents would like me or not. This kind of anxious thinking was definitely a change of pace for me. I even began fretting about the right outfit to wear. It took me a long time to figure out whether I should meet them while wearing a casual sweater and jeans or if I should wear an elegant dress with a pearl choker and earrings. My boyfriend said that I was putting far too much time worrying about it.

I have met people who are anxious all the time. On each occasion, I have found myself very grateful that I don’t have the same type of intimacy. Worrying and fretting about things all the time does not feel good at all. In fact I think that worrying endlessly about something causes a person to become even more. My doctor is told me she believes the same exact thing. I also learned that I need to remind myself that not everything is in our control and we just need to be ourselves and do the best that we can.

Turns out that my boyfriend’s parents really like me and I really like them. We got along really well for the entire weekend that we were there visiting. I got to know his mom quite a bit, and we even went shopping together. We had a lot of fun getting to know one another. His father is a funny and friendly man, and I like him very much. I thought that it might be tough to keep the conversation going, but all three of us had so much to talk about.

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