Silver is one of the items used to make sophisticated and high value jewelry. It makes bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles and many other types of jewelry for both men and women.

Silver tarnishes quite quickly. However, there many ways methods that you can employ to ensure that your silver ring maintains its shine and lasts long.

Here are some of the methods you can use to take care of your silver ring.

Confirm that it is pure silver

Silver reacts with air. As soon as a silver ring is exposed to the air, it reacts. When buying silver rings for women, it is important that you carry with you a piece of white cloth.

Wipe the ring as soon as it is produced from the box. If there is no black residue present in your white cloth, the ring you are about to buy is fake silver. Only when you can identify black particles on your white cloth do you have a genuine silver ring.

Wear it often

When you wear your silver rings often, you will remember to take good care of them. Also, it is proven that the oils on your skin ensure that your silver ring maintains its shine.


When storing your silver rings, ensure that you keep each separately. When silver rings touch each other, they lead to tarnishing. Store your rings together with a desiccant to ensure that your storage space is dry.

It is advised that you find a box where you can store your silver rings when they are not worn.

Wash with water and soap

Warm water and soap go a long way in ensuring that your silver rings maintain their shine for a long time. The oil on the soap helps protect the silver from tarnishing.

Baking soda and water

Another home remedy for your silver rings to keep their shine is to wash with water mixed with baking soda.

Significance of wearing silver rings for women

To send a message

Rings are not only worn for jewelry; they also serve as carriers of message. Depending on the ring they are worn and if they have any other additions, rings can convey different messages.

Wedding rings show that someone is married. They are worn on the finger next to the little finger on your left hand. Engagement rings often worn on the middle finger of the left-hand show betrothal. There are religious rings worn by religious leaders and rings that show belonging to a certain group such as those worn by basketball teams.


Many times, rings are just worn as jewelry. They are worn to accessorize different outfits and styles. Silver rings are worn to complement certain outfits.

Fashion sense

Rings are also worn as a statement of fashion. For example, rappers wear multiple rings on their fingers. This is often done to show that they are fashionable and setting fashion trends. Rappers especially will wear rings just to look cool and fashionable.


Another reason that women wear silver rings is beauty. Women have worn jewelry since time immemorial. They have done to this to make them stand out in crowds and also to feel good about themselves.

Rings are part of jewelry. Silver rings for women are especially rated highly as a valuable piece of jewelry for women.

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