If you’re looking for a truly eco-friendly product, consider a home water purifier and stop buying bottled. You may understand the environmental impact of all of those plastic bottles, but there are other issues to consider, as well.

Over the years, plastic bottles have been the main point of criticism. To try and reduce that criticism, many companies have begun making bottles weighing less and consisting of less plastic. That’s a good starting point.

Bottles can be recycled, but most people don’t recycle. So, regardless of how small the weight or how little plastic is used to make bottles, they are still a source of waste.

A Home Purifier

If you want one of the most eco-friendly products, you should consider a home purifier, especially if you currently drink bottled beverages. Some of the better companies sell glass containers that are dishwasher safe and reusable. So, you can bottle your own at home.

More than 25% of all bottling manufacturers use municipal water supplies. That means they are taking your tap water and reselling it to you. Dasani, Aquafina, Pure-life and many others are simply purified tap water. Yet, they are not as pure as what you could do at home.

The large-scale purification method is not as effective as what a person can do in their home. So, not only is a home cleaner an environmentally friendly product, it actually provides a higher quality product than you can buy at a store.

The Amount Of Freshwater

Another thing to consider is the amount of fresh water that is wasted by the bottled beverage industry. Our freshwater resources are unlimited. As the population continues to grow and with global warming, scientists hope that a shortage of fresh water will be a big problem in our lives.

This is no longer an issue for future generations. It is something that we must consider, today. If you are like most people, you are already buying other eco-friendly products. A home purifier is your next step.

It’s time that everyone learned what the bottled water industry is doing to our planet. Share what you have read with your friends and just say “no” to bottled beverages. You’ll save money and you’ll help save the planet.

Home Purifier is an investment in eco-friendly Product

An investment in a home purifier is an investment in an eco-friendly product. For less than a dime per day, you and your family can have all you can drink, while creating less trash and taking nothing extra from our freshwater reserves.

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