Social media has a significant impact on your search results. Existing in cyberspace like social media can boost your search ranking. You do not believe? you can try it now.

If you are still confused about how to start, you can read this article to completion, because in this article I will tell you several ways to use social media to improve your search ranking.

Boost Ranking of SEO with Social Media

Build Links with Your Social Media

Google places a high value on creating links in their search rankings, regardless of the quality of the links you make. When people know and start manipulating rankings with fake links or low quality Google starts to focus on better quality links.

Links on social media are often regarded as higher quality links, because of the high web authority that social sites have. even though your Facebook page is new, this page might get a high ranking (and possibly beyond your website) thanks to Facebook’s overall high authority.

This may sound obvious, but still make sure that you include a url link to your website that works not only in your content but also in every social media profile that you have. In addition to increasing traffic to your website, it is also very valuable for building a “series”.

Grow your follower base

Pages with high quality followers are better at searching. Good-quality followers are truly followers on your social media channels and most of them are involved or interacting with you in several forms.

These interactions may retweeting content or sending tweets on Twitter, placing reviews on Google+ or engaging with your posts on Facebook by commenting or clicking on “likes”.

Social signals are a very real factor when discussing LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale. Search Engines see social signals to find out how often you post to your social media account, how many people interact with you and the existence of a social element of sharing available to your website visitors.

Make your content easy to find and easy to share

Pinterest is a great example of a social media platform that makes your content easy to find and easy to share. Pinterest encourages a form of sharing to be a big thing. Pinterest users post pins that they like on a board, and share them with other users on Pinterest.

Many social media platforms give you the choice to keep your content private or confidential. On YouTube, you can have videos not listed, and only people who have links to those videos can watch them. Pinterest has secret boards, and Twitter gives you the choice to have a private profile.

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