Fashion industry has gone huge and now there is so much happening in this field that often we tend to get perplexed about not being able to keep up with it even if we try hard enough to do so. Modern fashion designers of today are equally focused on creating lot of fashionable accessories for not only women but men and children as well. That’s why you are able to find lot of options to choose from when it comes to shopping for both men and women.

Men these days are equally conscious about the way they dress and it’s a very good thing. Hence, lot of choices in men’s clothing can be easily found over the internet and in the markets. Apart from the regular clothing; related accessories like blazers, shoes, hats or watches are also considered to be the part and parcel of making a long lasting fashion statement for men. Here are top 5 best tips for formal clothing for men these days !

  1. Scarves:

 No doubt! Scarves are generally considered to be a casual clothing item. However, over the recent years when the entrepreneurships have taken over the business world; the stout look of corporate culture in the dressing sense of the people has lessened.

As a result; the trend is shifted more towards casually formal look. That’s why scarves have become immensely popular especially for casual client meetings.

  1. Blazers:

 If you are tired of wearing corporate looking suits to the work every day; blazers can be a very good alternative in this regard.

Available in patterned checks or even in plain formats; blazers can not only leave an ultimately stylish fashion statement; it will also give you a very relaxed and comfy feel as you set off to work in the morning.

  1. Leather Shoes:

 Anything related to leather will always be in style no matter what! That’s why leather accessories be it the bags, the jackets or even the shoes will always be considered an ultimate fashionable approach and will leave a long-lasting effect on your overall look.

Your leather shoes will speak volumes about your dressing sense so make sure that you get a couple of stylish leather dress shoes in either brown or black colors to acquire that corporate look that you deserve.

  1. Neck Ties:

 Your closet is incomplete without having a couple of beautiful pairs of ties that would match with your suits collection. Ties are considered to be the mandatory part of office attire and since they are being worn on almost regular basis; it’s important that you keep on replacing the old ones with the new ones.

Ties are available in almost all kinds of sizes, designs and colors you can think off so that they can be matched with whichever suit you opt for.

  1. Watches:

 To obtain that perfect corporate look; get a leather-made or stainless steel made stylish watch and you will balance out your entire outlook in the most convenient way possible.

There are some very famous and established names in this industry naming Rolex, Casio, RADO, Curran and many more. So, make sure that you acquire one this Easter season when they will be available under various exciting discount deals and offers.

Author Bio:

 Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂

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