Since humans came into being, men have had the desire to look attractive and appealing to the ones around, and it’s out of question whether Hairstyles play an important role in modifying your appearance or not. Because the answer is pretty obvious, this is a yes!

Without a good hairstyle, you can never reach your full potential to appear stunning no matter how nicely you dress up hence men have always been particular about maintaining a good hairstyle. However, hair fall is also a reality.

Be it at an early age as a result of a disease or due to the effects of old age; no one likes losing hair. Hence, the solution to this that we have been hearing is a wig. But before we begin with wigs, you would want to know the origin of wigs and how they came into being. So here is a brief story of how the hairstyles for men evolved over time, what the reason behind the invention of wigs was and how they have reached us after centuries.

Can you guess when was the first wig made? It’s beyond your imagination. It was far back in 1624! The need to invent a wig arose when Louis Xlll suffered from an early baldness and felt the need to disguise it.

Later in the 18th century, his son went through the same dilemma, and therefore it became a fashion among the upper class during the 17th and the 28th century. At that time the wigs were made using animal hair including horses and yaks and a few using human hair which were exceptionally expensive. In the early 18th century, long, full-bottomed wigs were in fashion.

It was worn by the professionals like doctors and lawyers however in the following century this trend faded, and shorter wigs became popular. Most of the men were seen wearing bob wigs now, but after this braided wigs, curled wigs and bag wigs took over.

The overall idea of wigs lost its popularity after 1790, however, the wigs kept on evolving over time, and here we have modern wigs still for use today! There are various reasons why men wear wigs nowadays.

The individuals who experience the ill effects of alopecia or have experienced male pattern baldness, hair diseases or hair harm are usually the advocates of wigs. While a few men favor having it as it gives them the adaptability to have another style, hair color, and length of hair at whatever point they wish. Wigs are also worn as a component of an outfit, either for theater, TV or even gatherings and special occasions now.

There is an extensive variety of wigs available for men in the 21st century. There are classified according to the way they are built and what they are developed  The wigs are developed using human hair, animal hair or are prepared synthetically. Furthermore, there are three fundamental sorts of wigs accessible: full lace wigs, half lace wigs, and non-lace wigs. They differ in quality and cost, and each offers different preferences and inconveniences

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