What is all the commotion regarding the “green” movement? In this article, we will be outlining what “going green” means for you and your company.

By purchasing Green products for the work place, we can reduce the environmental and health effects to our interior and exterior environment.

Our interior environment includes the inside of companies, schools, hospitals and government agencies. Exterior environments include the atmosphere, landfills, and forest resources.

There are many critical reasons and benefits for Companies to incorporate Green products in the buying decisions.

The following “Going Green” checklist outlines the most important reasons for your company to implement a green initiative:

1. Compliance- Many organizations, both private and public, require products that have a reduced impact on the environment.

2. Cost Control- Products that have a reduced impact on the environment, particularly chemicals, reduce risk to your employees and those surrounding them. Using these products help to minimize your company’s liability for illness caused by chemicals that are more hazardous. Remember, healthier, happier employees=higher productivity.

3. Customer Perception- Studies show that consumers favor environmentally responsible organizations to those who are not.

4. Corporate Citizenship- Implementing a sustainable and environmentally conscious business strategy, improves a business’s image and their community presence.

Separating Green Facts from Green Fiction

One of the barriers to adapting green solutions is confusion. Trying to make sense of the marketing labels and environmental claims can be tricky. Often times a company will present a marketing claim as a factual study. To filter these claims you must go to a trustworthy authority.

A great source for information is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website where you can find guidelines for marketers and facts for consumers.

Partnering with a Janitorial Supply Vendor

The important thing when shopping is to look for specific information. This information should tell you what makes the product environmentally friendly – and worthy of its green promotion. Buyers would benefit by collaborating with a janitorial supply vendor that is knowledgeable and committed to protecting the environment.

Green Product Lines

These are just a few mainstream companies that have excellent green product lines that are effective and competitively priced: Dart, Georgia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark, The Clorox Company, and Marcal.

Boardwalk can liner 101 provides excellent information on choosing liners for your facility.

Corporate green teams have become a powerful tool for helping to identify and implement opportunities to integrate environmental thinking into company operations. The GreenBiz website provides extensive information and resources.

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