A Guide to Land Survey Equipment Used by Land Surveyors Land surveyors have many different tasks and they use different types of survey equipment for these. if you want to understand the job of a land survey, it is best to start with an understanding about the equipment they use to survey the land. There are many types of surveys that a land survey expert can perform and these surveys will depend on what the customer needs. Land survey experts need to make sure that their land survey is completed to perfection and this is the reason why they need different tools and technologies to perform different types of surveys. Land survey experts need to make use of the right equipment to ensure accuracy in the survey details because the documents that will contain all these details of the survey of any piece of land is extremely important. Changes have been made to survey equipment over the centuries, and today only the best ones are being used for this purpose. The level rod is important survey equipment that should be in the possession of every land survey expert. This instrument is very common especially during road construction projects. In a topographical survey, the level rod is used to measure the elevation of the land. To record the measurements taken on the land, the marking on both sides of this rod are used and when they are taken it is then used as the basis for any construction project on that piece of land. The target rods and the self reading rods are the two types of level rods used by land surveyors. Before taking measurements, the scale is set to zero and the variation on the height is measured.
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Surveyors all over the world use the planimeter which is another important equipment used by land surveyors. This equipment is used extensively during boundary surveys because it can help in calculating the area of the land in question. The surface area of a land is calculated by this instrument whatever its shape and size is. With this equipment the area is calculated after tracing the irregular perimeter of the land. To a great extend, the invention of this instrument has simplified the process of boundary land surveying.
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A theodolite is equipment that every land survey provider should own. By triangulating the readings, this instrument can measure both the horizontal and vertical angles. Even through adverse weather conditions, this highly advanced tool can be used for surveying land. Together with the theodolite, land surveyors also use the plumb bob to determine the vertical precision. The other survey equipment used by licensed survey experts are the following: cable locators, clinometers, chains, and flag poles. The instrument used to detect the various utility cables and pipes that run below the surface of the land being surveys is the cable locator. To measure the inclination of the surface, the slopes and other elevations, they use the clinometers. With chains distance readings are measure during the survey.