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3 Creative Ideas Become a Better Web Designer

3 Creative Ideas Become a Better Web Designer

Web design is like any other design art, which often changes. So that web designers need to update the latest trends to be able to design creative websites. In recent years, web designers have tried to display their content in an interactive way. Most of them when designing a website, are more about attracting users and making them emotionally bound.

To understand and use these concepts, we can see some of the most common design ideas that must be considered in the future. This highlights some important tips with examples that can be used for web design. Many talented web designers who are aware of these tips, however, they tend to pay less attention.

3 Creative Ideas Become a Better Web Designer

1. Attractive graphics

There are many sites that stand apart from the others. A web designer can use layout and creative concepts to attract users. This helps to capture the user’s attention from the start. However, is it efficient to deliver the intended message? In this case, the site interactivity can help to engage users on the page. Users stay on the page when we give them some action to explore the site and provide simple text-based content. Using interactivity on a website helps to capture the user’s initial attention.

For example, a product site can include quotes from customers. This is the advantage of the user. A common way to display customer testimonials is through the use of quotes with customer names and designations. Even though the product has many customer testimonials, it cannot guarantee to capture the user’s attention. Conversely, interactivity that displays customer quotes and photographs is definitely an interesting idea. Not only does it display content attractively through the use of creative flash interactivity, but it also provides a personal touch to existing customers.

A website can even improve its appearance in a unique way to connect with users. If you’re still bothered thinking about it, LinkHelpers Web Design Scottsdale is suitable for those of you who are still confused!

This website has made a creative combination of interactivity and animation to present information about the company.

2. Increase General Elements

Creative websites have a big emphasis on color and layout. This means that there are some elements that may not get much attention, such as site maps that are not always presented in creative ways.

We can take another example that will highlight why we need to improve the subtle elements of a website. A normal sitemap seen on most sites contains details in text and link formats.

3. Inducing Actions from Users

The ultimate goal of the site created by web designers is to make users take the desired action on the page. This action can register for a free trial or ask about services.

If you have a website that develops on advertising revenue, it is very likely that the page will have many ads. In that case, most advertisements failed to capture the user’s attention in the ad crowd. This is a blind spot for most users. This is when site interactivity can be used to capture the user’s attention.… Read More

Benefits of Quality Website Design for Your Business

Benefits of Quality Website Design for Your Business

Quality web design is a very valuable investment, but how far are the benefits until you need to hire a professional designer such as LinkHelpers Web Design Phoenix? Does a website that looks good will make your business better? Here are some things that you can make into consideration:

Benefits of Quality Website Design for Your Business

1. Consistent with Brand identity.

Designer professionals will pay attention in terms of the consistency of your brand. Your website, logo, business card and brand Twitter profile must be interconnected. With a consistent/interconnected brand design, customers will become more familiar with recognizing your brand and products.

2. Make users visit the pages on your website.

Most people only look at a website’s homepage and then switch to another website, the reason is that they don’t find what they are looking for, even though the information they are looking for can be on another page of your website. For that reason, you need to give your website a clear and attractive appearance for visitors, you can also consider giving a complete table of contents on the left / right widgets or columns that can provide complete information on the contents of your website, so that your website visitors are interested in stay and read your content on various pages of your website.

3. User experience is more familiar.

Professional designers will pay attention to the user experience, which highlights what activities your website wants to achieve, for example, sign-ups, orders, etc. Then they will make it as attractive as possible. This is what will determine how many people decide to buy your product.

4. Differences from competitors.

Differentiation from competitors is needed so that your customers feel that you have more value than competitors. When we sell in a unique way, with a unique look, slogans that are visualized in a unique form, then your chance to attract prospective customers becomes greater.

5. The shape, structure, and purpose of the content become clearer.

Professional designers can communicate your ideas to customers in the form of content that is easily understood by customers. They will work on the content that you have provided until it really can be easily understood by your customers.

6. Display websites that pay attention to details.

Font selection, text spacing, and color contrast are the details that make a difference in the overall quality of the appearance of your website. The effect is huge to make customers able to read content and know your website functionally.

7. A trusted colleague.

Business owners and web designers must work together to create websites that involve communication and compromise. If you are satisfied with the results, the web designer you rent openly will ask for your suggestions and accept changes/additions. They will be your best partner when you need development on your website.

8. Room for development.

The website that was created at the beginning must have a strong foundation so that if we want to develop in the future, we don’t need to redesign or remodel it. This makes it easier for us to develop on the website.… Read More

Boost Ranking of SEO with Social Media

Boost Ranking of SEO with Social Media

Social media has a significant impact on your search results. Existing in cyberspace like social media can boost your search ranking. You do not believe? you can try it now.

If you are still confused about how to start, you can read this article to completion, because in this article I will tell you several ways to use social media to improve your search ranking.

Boost Ranking of SEO with Social Media

Build Links with Your Social Media

Google places a high value on creating links in their search rankings, regardless of the quality of the links you make. When people know and start manipulating rankings with fake links or low quality Google starts to focus on better quality links.

Links on social media are often regarded as higher quality links, because of the high web authority that social sites have. even though your Facebook page is new, this page might get a high ranking (and possibly beyond your website) thanks to Facebook’s overall high authority.

This may sound obvious, but still make sure that you include a url link to your website that works not only in your content but also in every social media profile that you have. In addition to increasing traffic to your website, it is also very valuable for building a “series”.

Grow your follower base

Pages with high quality followers are better at searching. Good-quality followers are truly followers on your social media channels and most of them are involved or interacting with you in several forms.

These interactions may retweeting content or sending tweets on Twitter, placing reviews on Google+ or engaging with your posts on Facebook by commenting or clicking on “likes”.

Social signals are a very real factor when discussing LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale. Search Engines see social signals to find out how often you post to your social media account, how many people interact with you and the existence of a social element of sharing available to your website visitors.

Make your content easy to find and easy to share

Pinterest is a great example of a social media platform that makes your content easy to find and easy to share. Pinterest encourages a form of sharing to be a big thing. Pinterest users post pins that they like on a board, and share them with other users on Pinterest.

Many social media platforms give you the choice to keep your content private or confidential. On YouTube, you can have videos not listed, and only people who have links to those videos can watch them. Pinterest has secret boards, and Twitter gives you the choice to have a private profile.… Read More

Web Design Tips To See Very Professional And Seo Friendly

Web Design Tips To See Very Professional And Seo Friendly

As with fashion, web design keeps changing the following new trends and leaving old trends behind. When you want to create a website that will make a professional impression, you will certainly always follow well to keep everything up to date and follow trends. Indeed, most people will see content as the main thing, but still, people will see the first time you visit your site, which is the design, so make an interesting first impression. Find the latest information about professional “LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix” web design.


Create your site with a clean and elegant design, don’t place too many ads, banners, icons, badges, pop-ups, buttons, etc., besides it makes it heavy, it will also make your site look chaotic. Make a site that makes your visitors comfortable and not stressed when visiting your site because the site looks messy. Use a flat or flat site design, and dominated by white. Try to keep your site looking simple or even minimal by specifically highlighting important content or information.


If you are currently reading this article, of course, you have got the right tips as your guide in building a professional site. But still you have to look for web design references from various sources, or you can see famous sites to help you find ideas in web designing later. See how well-known sites are built and designed, how they manage content, what colors they use for their sites, etc.


Choosing a font is very important. Because text is your way of presenting information to your visitors. Imagine if you use a bad font for your site, visitors will find it difficult to read and also the eyes of the reader will easily get tired.

Make sure the font you use is easy to read and the font color you use feels right with the background color you are using. For example: Using gray text with a white background will make your site visitors feel dizzy when reading it or getting your visitors out of your site directly. So make sure you check all your text is really easy to read.

Furthermore, the important thing is not to use a small font size, where your visitors have difficulty reading. Make sure your readers don’t need to zoom just to read the information you want to convey on your site. Make everything clear but not excessive.


Navigation or menus in web design must be placed in the right position and work well, placing the right menu will make it easier for visitors to explore the site easily, and also direct the menu to the content or purpose of information that is really important. Do not be too wasteful in using the menu for unnecessary purposes, besides it will look chaotic, it will also damage your web design.


Nowadays web design has all changed when smartphones and tablets are evenly shared by all people, and the ease of internet access via mobile has also been obtained at this time, then building your site responsively can adjust when accessed on various devices such as smartphones and tablets are mandatory. Because it will really make your visitors feel comfortable when accessing your site. Not only that, from the current SEO side, Google prioritizes sites that are already mobile friendly.


The use of images or photos on the site is something that you should also prioritize, use images of a size that fits your site and also with good quality but not heavy, even though your web design is simple if supported with good and appropriate images will produce a web which looks attractive and elegant.… Read More

Marketing Made Easy for Small Business Owners

Marketing Made Easy for Small Business Owners

If you’re launching a small business, marketing can be difficult because you don’t really know where to start. You can go the traditional marketing route, or you can focus on social media. The reality is that a mix of both is needed to build your business. However, not quite having a budget to spend on marketing is common, which means you’ll have to find creative and cost effective ways to grow your brand.

Marketing Made Easy for Small Business Owners

You might be surprised to know that many brands were launched on social media platforms. While it usually doesn’t happen overnight, building a social media following can still be a relatively easy process that’s also effective if you get creative. As you probably know, there are millions of people that have accounts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You have to get creative if you want to stand out in a crowd. In fact, a post or video that goes viral can significantly increase your followers. Innovation and thinking outside the box is necessary to garner attention given the number of accounts that exist.

One of the reasons why small businesses leverage the power of social media is because it’s a proven way to attract potential customers. Whether it’s any multicultural marketing or a focus on Generation X, it’s important to recognize the value of keywords, regardless of which platform is used. In other words, keyword optimization is critical, which is partially why so many hashtags are used. It can be difficult to get the hang of hashtags if you’re just getting started. However, it’s the same as search engine optimization that requires the use of keywords. 

Before you start posting on social media, you’ll have to develop and strengthen your website. The trend in websites is that they are more interactive and user-friendly than ever before. Focusing on the user experience has been a growing trend in recent years. Additionally, your website must have a modern appeal, which usually includes a more dynamic presentation as opposed to website designs that are static. Some website designs tend to look outdated, which can cause the bounce rate to increase, resulting in shorter visits to your website. If you are unable to engage potential customers, you will be unable to drive sales to your shop.

Even as a small brand, you should consider partnering with influencers to market your products and services. While there are mainstream influencers with fees that are exorbitant, there are also micro-influencers that might be in your budget. It’s not just small businesses that use micro-influencers, larger brands are starting to use them because they have a loyal following and only charge a fraction of the price for partnerships.

As you develop your marketing campaign, keep in mind that targeted marketing is important, which means you’ll need to have data regarding your target audience. This will allow you to create social media posts and other marketing materials that align with your target audience. Customization is critical, especially if you want to engage with younger generations. The more you know about your target audience, the more likely you are to grab their attention.… Read More

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